The Gifted Speaker

In Quarantine

                                    One-on-one packages

Fix it in one

  • One issue

  • One session

  • You walk away with a course of action to fix it permanently

3 session speed-course

This course is designed to get you up in front of your audience with less pain. It’s a great starting point.

I evaluate your primary vocal issue and build out the best quick fix for you. 

  • Breathing and basic vocal issues.
  • Posture Working with your camera.

  • Keeping them interested by using punctuation in your speech.

5 session Build a Better speaker course

This course is designed for the long speech: keynotes, all day classes, product launches.  Long speeches require stamina, comfort, sculpting of material, knowledge of speaking to a camera and a little pizazz.

Evaluation of current skills

  • Breathing and vocal issues

  • Posture and presence

  • Camera work vs stage work

  • Building a natural story telling arc 

  • Maintaining their interest, driving home your point, leave them wanting more

Caught off guard by your zoom presence? There is nothing like working on camera to pull up your fears, pain and discomfort speaking in public.  At the gifted speaker I will work with you to build comfort, confidence and courage.  


My mission at The Wolf City is to show that everyone can speak well if given the right formula and the right attention. At Wolf City Voice I teach you to be a stand out in front of a crowd. Courage, confidence and a little bit of moxie will show you at your best. The Gifted Speaker Program will help you understand your speaking voice.  With easy to follow and quick exercises you will build the strength to sound great and the confidence to step up and talk. Working with the individual strengths of each client; the Gifted Speaker uses a scaffolded learning process that enables the client to grow quickly and permanently as a public speaker.

Michelle Hakala Wolf

Michelle has been working with singers and speakers for over 20 years. With students working all over the globe Michelle uses a one-of-a-kind approach to presenting skills. Using breath work and theatre-based script analysis Michelle has helped her clients build all day classes, key notes and original works of theatre.  Michelle has a MA from NYU in educational theatre and a BA from CSU in educational theory.