Singers Prices

Vocal Checkup: $50
Half Hour: $60
Hour: $110
Monthly membership regular: $350 per month for 4 lessons.
Quarantine monthly membership sale: $250 per month for 4 lessons.
Pre-recorded videos: $39.99 per month

$50 - Vocal Checkup:  In this 45 minute session we will discuss how online voice lessons work.  This is a great time for questions, concerns and for me to build a lesson plan unique to your son.  

$60 per Half Hour  class - technique only sessions: for beginners, this is a foundation level class. I teach the building blocks of a strong voice. I teach from the Bel Canto school of voice and if your child is a beginner this is a great place to start.

$350 per month package: The program that most students find works for them is my monthly package. 4 lessons per month which includes technique, repertoire building and performance preparation. Not only is this the best value but this allows your child to build upon their own knowledge and come away with a full understanding of how the voice works, what works best for him and how the world of singing professionally works.

$250 a month Quarantine package: The monthly package of 4 lessons per month. This offer is good until you are released from quarantine in your community.

$110 ad-hoc lessons hour long. This is for people who want random lessons to work on something specific. This class is good for experienced singers who are either working on a vocal issue or acting issue or are preparing for a big audition and/or concert.

$39.99  prerecorded go at your own pace videos.  The video membership teaches all of my exercises used in my technique featuring Bel Canto exercises designed to build strength and flexibility This will help build a strong foundation and is useful for people who are shy.

I have 30 years of experience teaching professional singers. My technique is applicable for musical theatre, pop, rock and contemporary singers.  My vocal technique programs are based in Bel Canto. I hold a master's degree from NYU in educational theatre as well as an education degree from CSEB. I formally trained with Eddie Sayegh and David Jones.