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Private Voice Lessons

Traditional private voice lessons with a twist.   Voice lessons with Wolf City Voice are intense and personalized.  Expect to work hard. Also expect to get advanced training adapted to your unique self.  My goal for each of my students is for them to find the voice that makes them special. 


Besides developing a rigorous technique practice, each song you sing will be put through acting exercises to ensure you are believable in your singing.  Along with phrasing and score analysis each song you sing will be believable, each moment magic and your ability to stand out will shine through.


I work with each performer on building a brand-specific audition book as well as songs for cabarets, concerts and competitions.  We also work on career planning and organization.  From here you will go out into the singing world like a Pro.  The twist is you can take any lesson online over the internet with me. It’s easier than it sounds.  We work through Facetime, Zoom or Skype.  I am also available in person in Los Angeles, CA.

The Wolf Pack Video Series: 

An Affordable Option for Everyone

Affordability and voice lessons are rarely heard together. During the recession when students suddenly had to leave their vocal practice due to a failing economy, I became obsessed with finding a way for my students to practice on their own, using all the exercises I had taught them for a low enough price that they could afford, but that I could afford to give them. This dream of an affordable, portable voice class is where The Wolf Pack was born. 


The Wolf Pack is a series of teaching videos. Each exercise is explained and used in demo. Then you are able to follow along with me as I do the exercise. The course is designed to strengthen your instrument and expand your range.  At the end of the series I’ve built long form videos with the exercises to be done in order.  The program packs value and approachability. Extra time with me is available for purchase. The time to purchase time with me is when you are ready to enter the song preparation phase and need help with phrasing, choices and presentation.

Creating Your Own Work - Wild Creatures Productions

I developed Wild Creatures Productions to feature my own work as well as the work of my students. I encourage all of my students to consider building their own show. This can be a one-person show, a series of videos, a musical key-note or a full production.


With my background in educational theatre and development I am able to coach you through the artistic process of finding your vision and bringing it to life. Building your own work has a value far above having a finished art project. It builds confidence and artistic “know-how” but most importantly you start to consider yourself an artist, not just an auditionner but someone who lives and breathes art and story. 


You become a part of the art and that is something others can see.  This is the moment when other people start wanting to work with you and magic is born.

Musical Theatre Self Tape Coaching

Let’s face it its new. Its intimidating. Its possibly the best thing ever! What its not is something to approach lightly. To put together a singing self tape you need appropriate material, a knowledge of how sound records, a self tape studio, accompaniment, songs that fit the current requirments of stage and screen, an understanding of how energy changes for each genre and you need to know how to sing.  In coaching for self tapes I coach everything but the actual camera element. So, we build it, we perfect it and then we find a place to record it.  I’ve recorded several in my studio.

About Michelle's Mentorship

After over 25 years of teaching, one of the things I’m proudest of is the relationships I’ve gained with my students.  I count my students among my friends. They are travelers in the arts and we travel together. They are my tribe, my pack. 


The success of the studio can be seen on TV, in Films, on Broadway, off-Broadway and in regional houses all over the US. My students have been pursued by the biggest vocal competitions, music producers and directors. We have made a musical film together, built a musical key note.  There are at least 3 new plays being written by my current students.


This doesn’t even begin to cover the students who are now so booked that I only see them occasionally. My students break the mold and book, book, book. They are passionate and knowledgeable, professional and competitive. They know they belong in art. They know the secret. that singing is our birthright available to everyone with the right amount of passionate attention and hard work.

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About Michelle Hakala-Wolf

I began this life as a performer. I started my career at 11 performing as a professional piano player and accompanist and soon after as a professional singer. I studied everything I could find about acting and dance. Storytelling became my life and what a life it’s been. I spent the next 25 years on the stage.

I started Wolf City Voice with the intention of teaching others what I knew about singing. I trained with some of the top voice teachers in the country and felt my technique and knowledge of music helped me build an amazing and fun career and that I could teach those skills to others. 


Singing, acting and dance have been my constant companions. Art is how I express my beliefs, my sense of humor and my love for living. I wanted to teach others so they could also share themselves through their art.  Over the years Wolf City Voice has had many different styles of offerings, here’s what I currently offer through the studio.

With over 35 years experience singing and 25 years experience teaching I work with students to find their true voices. Whether for musical theatre, pop or rock, there’s a place for you here.

I have a Master's degree from NYU Steinhardt. I have also written 3 plays, 2 performed at NYU and a short musical zombie film featuring my students

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